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  1. 9 acre equine health facility with a resident veterinarian
  2. 2500 sq. foot climate controlled clinic
    1. Large Indoor examination and treatment area
         2. Attached Laboratory
         3. Large well equipped Surgery Suite
                   a. Gas anesthesia
                   b. Modern monitoring equipment
                   c. 12' x 12' padded anesthetic induction and recovery room
  3. 4 stall Hospital Barn with 2 intensive care Stalls
  4. Isolation Barn for contagious patients
  5. 4 outdoor well maintained grass paddocks for patient housing
  6. Separate Reproduction Facility on 12 acres
         1. 12 x 24 ft foaling stalls
         2. 12 x 12 ft mare motel stalls
         3. 6 communal well maintained grass and dry lot paddocks    
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Horses run


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