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Sports Medicine

  1. Lamness Evaluations
        1. Dr. Shaw has 17 years experience with diagnosing and treating many lameness conditions.
        2. Utilize careful visual gait evaluations flexion tests and diagnostic anesthesia (nerve blocks) to
            pinpoint the source of pain.

  2. Pre-purchase exams
         1. PURCHASE EXAMS: A Sound Economic Investment
         2. The Pre-Purchase Exam: A Practical Understanding of Today‚Äôs Technology & Its Limitations

  3. State of the Art Digital Imaging capability

  4. Regenerative Medicine
         1. PRP (Planet Rich Plasma)
         2. Stem Cell Therapy  (Article: Adipose-Derived Stem Cells for Tendon Injuries: The Fat is Phat)                a. 5 years experience with clinical stem cell use
                   b. Fat derived cells
                   c. Vet-Stem

  5. Joint Disease Therapy  (Article: Managing Joint Health)
         1. Individually tailored multi-modal therapy utilizing:
                  a. Low dose corticosteroid (Vetalog)
                  b. Long acting corticosteroid (Depo-Medrol)
                  c. Sodium hyulronate
                  d. Multi drug therapy
         2. Orthokine or IRAP Therapy
         3. SADMA (Slow Acting Disease modifying Agents)
                  a. Adequan IA and IM   Adequan  Click for larger picture
                  b. Hyaluronic Acid IA
                  c. Nutritional therapy
         4. Stem Cell Therapy

  6. Podiatry Services

sports medicine

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